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"Chris the Baker" wouldn't have happened if Biden's people went to shop next door

The owner of Cafe 24 is a Joe Biden supporter.

August 16, 2012|Orlando Salinas

RADFORD, Va. — “Chris the Baker” saying no to Vice President Joe Biden is getting loads of national attention. 

This happened during a campaign stop in Radford on Wednesday and it's a story we first brought you on WDBJ7.

What a difference 37 feet would have made; instead of a photo op with Chris, a Republican supporter, Biden could have met up with a die-hard Democrat, just a few yards away.

The business is called Cafe 24. It's a mom and pop store, just like "Crumb and Get It", next door.

The difference is the owner of Cafe 24 tells me he loves Vice President Joe Biden. If only the VP's advance team had walked 37 feet the other way.

The past 24 hours at Cafe 24 in Radford have been a huge political disappointment for proud Democrat Jeramy Guillory. His restaurant was passed over by Vice President Biden.


"Absolutely it was a missed opportunity definitely. We would have loved to have him in here," Guillory said

His wife and kids wait on tables, help in the kitchen, and love the Vice President.

When "Chris the Baker" at "Crumb and Get It" next door, turned down a photo op Wednesday with Biden, Guillory says it showed a lack of respect for the office, but it was a brilliant business move, even if it wasn't planned.

"It certainly turned out to be good for business and maybe that guy is a genius in marketing and didn't realize it,” Guillory said. “I don't know because I've seen it on Facebook and it's national now."

As news spread about "Chris the Baker" saying 'no to Joe', folks began walking in to Cafe 24.

Adding insult to injury, by asking Democrat Guillory if he was "Chris the Baker", a Republican.

It happened again while our camera was there.

"Were you on TV the other day?” a customer asked. “No it wasn't me that was my neighbor,” Guillory said.

Cafe 24 is another mom and pop business that's only been open for about a year, right next door to "Crumb and Get It." Now the folks here tell me they only wish that Vice President Biden's advance team had walked to the right, not to the left.

Customers at Cafe 24 were quick to say turning down the VP was flat out rude.

"I thought it was a bit disrespectful. Here you have the Vice President of our country coming in,” Loren Phillips of Radford said. “I mean, I know we have people with different views of opinions but it's still the Vice President of our country."

This could become the political version of cupcake wars.

Cafe 24 sells cupcakes, so does “Crumb and Get it.”

Cafe 24 wanted the photo op with VP Biden, “Crumb and Get it” turned them down.

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