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Man in Southwest Roanoke tells hookers, go away

August 28, 2012|Hollani Davis | Anchor/Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. — If there's one group of people not welcomed in his neighborhood, Corbin Prydwen is spelling it out.

"The lower sign was actually displayed Saturday morning and it was posted on this light pole with the stop sign," says Prydwen.

For years, people say hookers have plagued Chapman Avenue and 12th Street, hanging out on the corners at all hours of the day and night.

"I asked them nicely please don't stand on my corner and I've gotten a lot of negative response from them.  I've actually had a knife pulled on me by one of them," says Prydwen.

"I'm glad (he's doing it).  I do agree with him.  We've got kids.  They don't want to see that nasty crap," says Rose Son, who lives in the area.

Roanoke police say officers often patrol this section of town. They've also done some undercover stings.  But in this case, history is repeating itself.

"From the past it was known as an area for prostitution and thus the people looking for prostitution and the prostitutes know it's an area to come," says Captain Monti Lee with the Roanoke City Police Department.


Since January, police have arrested eight prostitutes in this particular neighborhood and 16 people who've tried to pick them up.  Overall, this crime in the city is down from nearly 150 arrests in 2004 to 42 last year.

But for Prydwen even one hooker is one too many. So he recently picked up his own weapon of choice, a camcorder.  He's says he's gotten praise from at least one policeman.

"Everywhere you look and see these working to revitalize signs, that's somebody that is standing up in our community that is saying hey we are not going to take it anymore," says Prydwen.

Roanoke man tells hookers to scram
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