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Old Countryside golf course rezoned for recreation

The site is currently zoned for agricultural use but city planners changed that to recreation Monday night

September 17, 2012|Web staff

ROANOKE, Va. — Typically you don't see a huge crowd at a city council meeting for a rezoning.

But when its Countryside property in northwest Roanoke, you can expect huge numbers and that's exactly what happened Monday night.

The debate centered on two parcels of land totaling 12 acres.

It's currently zoned for agricultural use but city planners wanted to change that to recreation.

Several spoke out in support of the change saying the city needs more athletic fields and that kids need a place to play sports.

"Our youth are limited regarding recreation in our city and thre city seems to be forgetting that our youth are our future," said Cynthia Allen. 


"One it is a means to keep them healthy. Two it is a means for after school activities to keep them involved and engaged," said Cathy Smith. 

The mayor and city council agreed.

They unanimously voted to change the zoning to recreation.

Opponents were disappointed by the decision.

They worry athletic fields will congest roads and could pose a danger because of its proximity to areas used by the airport.

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