Federal charges filed following drug investigation in Henry County

September 20, 2012

Henry County, Va — A joint operation between the Henry County Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police has led to several drug arrests in Henry County.

The two law enforcement agencies worked together between January of 2011 and May of 2012 on the operation.

The sheriff's office says undercover drug purchases, search warrants and vehicle stops occurred in Ridgeway, Axton, Collinsville, Bassett, and Horsepasture.

Authorities seized large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and other drugs.

Several pieces of property were also seized due to narcotics trafficking including one house and eight vehicles.

Eight adults are facing federal charges.

76 adults are facing state criminal charges.

Here is the full news release from the Henry County Sheriff's Office:

Drug Investigation

September 20, 2012



                The Henry County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the Virginia State Police, Martinsville Police Department, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) conducted a joint drug operation in Henry County between January 2011 and May 2012.

                Known drug areas of Henry County were the focus of the operation.  Undercover drug purchases, search warrants and vehicle stops occurred in the following areas of Henry County: Ridgeway, Axton, Collinsville, Bassett and Horsepasture.  Authorities purchased or seized quantities of cocaine ranging from 1 gram to 36 kilograms with various street values ranging from $100.00 to $1,393,900.00.  Quantities of Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Roxycontin were purchased with values ranging from $5.00 to $40.00 per pill.  Methamphetamine was seized in quantities ranging from 1 gram to 4 ounces.  The value of the methamphetamine ranged in street value of $100.00 to $4,800.00.  Quantities of marijuana were seized ranging from ½ ounce to 15 lbs.  Street value of the marijuana ranges from $20.00 to $21,000.00.   During the operation various items were seized due to narcotics trafficking. Items include 1 house, 8 vehicles, 73 firearms and $70,000.00 in cash.                

                The investigation led to 35 federal charges being issued on 6 adult males and 2 adult females.  The federal charges range from Distribution of Cocaine, Possess w/ Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Distribute Crack Cocaine, Possess a firearm in furtherance of a Drug Crime, Distribute Marijuana and Distribute Methamphetamine.

                The 17 month investigation resulted in a total of 152 felony and 6 misdemeanor state criminal charges being issued on 76 adults.

                The following state indictments were issued on September 17, 2012 as a result of the investigation.  On September 20, 2012 people were arrested on the following charges:

  • 28 felony counts – Distribute Cocaine
  • 9 felony counts – Distribute SCH II Substance
  • 8 felony counts – Distribute Methamphetamine
  • 8 felony counts – Distribute SCH III Substance
  • 2 felony counts - Distribute Marijuana
  • 2 felony counts – Distribute Heroin
  • 2 felony counts – Distribute Imitation Controlled Substance
  • 2 felony counts – Conspire to Distribute Cocaine
  • 2 felony counts – Distribute SCH IV Substance
  • 1 felony count – Manufacture Marijuana w/ Intent to Distribute
  • 1 felony count – Possess Firearm while in possession Controlled


  • 1 felony count – Possess Cocaine w/ Intent to Distribute
  • 1 felony count – Possess w/ Intent to Distribute SCH II Substance
  • 1 felony count – Attempt to Distribute SCH II Substance
  • 1 felony count – Obtain Money False Pretence
  • 1 felony count – Deliver Drugs to Inmate
  • 1 misdemeanor count – Distribute Marijuana
  • 1 misdemeanor count – Attempt to Obstruct Justice

On September 20, 2012, 34 people were arrested on state indictments issued on September 17, 2012:

  • Jon-Michael Albanese (27) – 2940 Lee Ford Camp Road, Ridgeway

Distribute Cocaine

  • Tony Cecil Ashby (41) – 117 Spruce Pine Lane, Bassett

3 Counts Distribute Methamphetamine


  • Douglas Eugene Bowers (51) – 220 Mt. Herman Church Road, Bassett

Distribute Oxycodone, Distribute SCH III Substance

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