UPDATED: Roanoke County Police identify vehicle of interest in abduction attempt

Roanoke County police expect to release new information Wednesday afternoon

October 03, 2012|WDBJ7 Web Staff

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. — The Roanoke County Police Department has confirmed that there have been at least two more reports of people trying to abduct children in the Peyton Street area.

That makes for a total of three incidents in recent weeks, including Monday's reported attempt.

The two previous incidents happened at the end of September.

Investigators are looking for a white, late 1990s model Toyota Rav4. To see a picture of a similar vehicle, click here.

Parents near Peyton Street have been on the look out.

"I usually don't have to walk, but now since we've got the abductions trying to happen, I just don't feel safe with him getting off the bus by himself," said Samantha Adams, a mother who lives in the area.


The Roanoke County Police Department is looking for a vehicle of interest in connection to an attempted abduction Monday night in Roanoke County.


The vehicle is described as a white, late 1990s model Toyota Rav4.

The vehicle may have dark tinted windows and a trailer hitch. To see a picture of what Roanoke County Police say the vehicle looks like, click here.

Investigators are asking the public if they see the vehicle, take down the license plate, and immediately call 911 or the Roanoke County Police Department at 540-562-3265.


Roanoke County police say they've received several additional reports of suspicious incidents following an attempted abduction.  A department spokeswoman says police expect to release more detailed information Wednesday afternoon.

The newly reported incidents are in the same section of the county as an attempted abduction Monday night on Peyton Street.  That's near Hollins University.


Roanoke Police are still looking for two men who tried to lure a boy into their car.

It happened Monday night around six on Peyton Street.  That's in northern Roanoke County near Hollins University.

Police say the men were inside a white SUV.  It stopped at a home where a 6-year-old boy was playing outside.

The men tried to lure the boy inside the SUV. Police have asked WDBJ7 not to say how they did it.

The boy ran into the house and told his grandfather who called police.

One neighbor told WDBJ7 she thinks she saw that same SUV last week.

"I was walking my dog this past week down Hugh Avenue and definitely I did see a white SUV pass me and I do believe there were two guys in there," says Margaret Courtney, who adds the SUV was driving "very slow". 

We spoke to the family of the victim.  His grandfather says he told the boy a few months ago if a stranger approaches him in a car to run away and tell him. That's exactly what the boy did on Monday.

But the family says the boy is still scared and he's had nightmares since the attempted abduction.

Families in the neighborhood are taking precautions.

The Blanks live on Peyton Street and are a very active family. But you won't see the kids out front anymore. Instead they're allowed to play in the backyard.

Barbie Blank says after her neighbor's son was nearly abducted, she held an emergency family meeting.

"We talked very much about strangers and the stranger danger and not going anywhere near them," says Blank.

Her kids heard the message loud and clear.

"Not to come outside unless she's out there and never talk to strangers," says Wyatt Blank.


Roanoke County police are searching for two men they say tried to abduct a six-year-old boy.

Investigators say this happened at about 5:30 p.m. Monday, on Peyton Street. That's in the Summerdean subdivision in north Roanoke.

Officers say the the child's grandfather reported the incident. The grandfather said the two men were driving in a white SUV, when they tried to lure his grandson into their vehicle. The child didn't get in, and ran back to his grandfather's house. After hearing what happened, the child's grandfather left the house in his own car and tried to find the two men. They were gone.

Officers say the two men are described as white and in their mid-20's. They were wearing ball caps with some type of Indiana logo on them. The white SUV also had a trailer hitch.

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to call Roanoke County Detective K. Saul at (540) 562-3256.

Parents are on alert after an attempted abduction in Roanoke County
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