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WDBJ7 goes one-on-one with Congressman Morgan Griffith

Griffith is the incumbent for the 9th district.

October 14, 2012|WDBJ Web Staff

In our Election 2012 coverage, we focus on the 9th Congressional District.  It is located in the southwestern portion of the state and it includes Montgomery, Pulaski, Giles, Floyd and Craig Counties and parts of Henry and Roanoke Counties.

Incumbent 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith lives in Salem.  He's a graduate of Andrew Lewis High School, Emory and Henry College and Washington and Lee University School of Law.

He practiced law in Salem for several years.  The Congressman served in Virginia's House of Delegates for eight terms and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010.

WDBJ7 Anchor Jean Jadhon sat down with Congressman Griffith.

Jean: "We appreciate you being here. We have a lot of ground to cover this morning.
The first thing we want to talk about is jobs.
Tell us what you will do if re-elected to put more people in the 9th District back to work?"


Griffith: "Well, I would continue to do the things I've done the first two years and that's fight over-regulation of a lot of our industries, whether it's farming or mining or other industries. There are just so many new regulations that have come on the books in just the last couple of years that it is really making it hard for businesses to decide whether or not they're gonna invest, and when they invest, they create jobs. And because of that, we have a real problem. Also, there's a great fear about the impact of Obamacare. There's so many taxes in there for both businesses and individuals, some of which, in fact, the vast majority have not yet taken effect and businesses are very concerned about that. Some of them come into effect in 2013 but the vast majority are still coming on board in 2014. And businesses are wary. They're concerned and they're fearful. There's a lot of fear out there. Then, you have this whole tax issue where you have businesses not knowing what their tax rate is going to be next year. They want that resolved and so we'll be working to make sure that we get a resolution that makes both individuals and businesses realize that, you know, this is what the tax structure is going to be. This is what you can count on. You know, uncertainty, which we've had a lot of, uncertainty creates more problems for businesses than anything else."

Jean: "Recently hundreds of coal miners were laid off from Alpha Natural Resources and Consol.  In a statement last month you said the fact that the coal industry has ups and downs isn't news.  And you went on to say President Obama, his Administration and his allies are very clear about their agenda - to make using coal history.  What have you done to fight for the coal industry since being elected to Congress and what else will you do if re-elected?
'Cause, you know, you say that the Obama administration really wants to make coal history."

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