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More than 1,000 kids are already signed up for Roanoke's Angel Tree program

Last day to sign up is Wednesday

November 12, 2012|Susan Bahorich | reporter

ROANOKE, Va. — Huddled on the bleachers in this old gym, these people aren't waiting for the game to start.

Instead, they're hoping to make Christmas dreams come true.

"I'd do anything in the world for them. And, this is one of the things I'm going to do for them so that they have a good Christmas," explains Roanoke mom Dominique Jackson.

Jackson and other families are here to sign their kids up for the Angel Tree.

Kids like 4-year-old Braeden Wilson, who's too young to know any of the anxieties that sometime come with the holidays.

"What are you looking for this Christmas?" asks the reporter.
"Three Batman things!" Braeden screams excitedly.

Explains his mom Mary Wilson, "It's important to make sure they have a good Christmas if you don't have enough."

Everyone here is trying to make sure "Santa" doesn't skip their home on Christmas.

"A lot of people wouldn't even get anything, whatever they get from here is what their Christmas is for their children," explains the Salvation Army's Lt Charity Roberts.

For the last 20-years, the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program has helped low-income families with toy donations from the community.
Each year, the need seems to grow.
This is DiJeon Robertson's first time applying for help.
"Basically making minimum wage and paying rent and electricity -it's hard to get out there and find time and money enough to buy stuff for the children so I'm just very thankful that Roanoke's got an organization like this," explains Robertson.

The Salvation Army carefully vets all the applicants. Applicants must bring a number of items with them including IDs, birth certificates and proof of expenses.

The wait can sometimes be long, but these families say it's worth it.

Explains Carlos Becks who is using the program for the second year, "This is very special to me. It's helps out a lot."

Jackson agrees, "This is a big help. Thank God for this. I appreciate every bit of it, every bit of it."


Time is running out to sign your child up for the Angel Tree.

Tuesday and Wednesday (11/13 & 14) are the last two-days to apply.

You have to be at the Salvation Army at 724 Dale Avenue, Roanoke by 9a.m.

You will NOT be admitted after 9a.m.

You will need:
- a letter saying why you need this
- valid ID/license
- birth certificates for each child
- all household bill expenses (everything client pays out- lease, electric bill, gas, etc)


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