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Plans move forward for a methadone clinic in Pulaski

Zoning requirements were too loose to stop the clinic from moving in

November 20, 2012|Orlando Salinas | WDBJ7 Reporter

PULASKI, Va. — The town of Pulaski is moving closer to allowing a methadone clinic to set up shop.

A Pennsylvania company has chosen the name "Pulaski Medical" and is planning to open the site at the Pulaski Mall.

The proposed methadone clinic would be located In a strip mall that already has its share of empty storefronts.

Pulaski's town manager says when Pulaski Medical began the licensing process, that's when the town realized it's zoning requirements were too loose.

"What brought this to our attention in our own zoning ordinance, is that we didn't have, we had a very generic definition of medical clinics," said John Hawley.

Lesson learned.

Any future substance abuse clinics would be classified as such, and the town would decide if a clinic gets a license.


"Pulaski Medical" must still submit plans, and state health officials need to visit the actual site, and decide once and for all.

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