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Bedford Police use cannons to scare away vultures

People in Bedford will be hearing loud booms that sound like gun shots for the next several days.

November 30, 2012|Elizabeth Harrington | Reporter

BEDFORD, Va. — The Bedford Police Department set up a propane cannon on Friday morning. Right now it's programmed to go off every hour for 12 hours.

"It makes a spark and just ignites the propane to make the sound of the explosion," says Lt. Todd Foreman.

The Bedford Police Department bought two propane cannons. Police are trying to get rid of the estimated 300 vultures that have made Bedford their home.

"We've had problems with them tearing up buildings," says Lt. Foreman, "They get on top of buildings and pull the rubber off the building causing leaks in the business roofs."

Lt. Foreman says the noise has already worked in one neighborhood. Police put it there a month ago.

"We actually took that one away today (Friday) because there weren't any buzzards roosting there," says Lt. Foreman.

The propane cannons cost about $400 dollars each.

Bedford Police are allowed to shoot and kill 30 vultures a year but Lt. Foreman says they usually don't because it's not safe near neighborhoods.

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