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Senator-elect Tim Kaine confident that Congress can avoid fiscal cliff

Kaine spoke to reporters Thursday in Richmond during an event organized by the Associated Press.

December 06, 2012|Joe Dashiell | WDBJ7 Senior Reporter
Joe Dashiell/WDBJ7

RICHMOND, Va. — Senator-elect Tim Kaine says he's confident Congress will work out a short-term deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

He said Thursday that he will work with Democrats and Republicans in the search for a long-term solution.

Kaine says "deadlines tend to work."

He believes that Republicans and Democrats will ultimately craft a deal that will avoid the automatic cuts that are looming.

Kaine said he heads to Washington with three priorities: tackling the nation's budget problems, accelerating the economy and searching for the common ground that used to exist between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.

Speaking to reporters at an event organized by the Associated Press, Kaine said the last one is the most important.

“What we've got to do, and these newcomers, there are 12 of us, we've got to go out into the body, Democrats and Republicans, and be a breath of fresh air that will try and scramble the equation and create more of a working together mode,” Kaine said.


Those 12 freshmen include nine Democrats and three Republicans.

By chance, one of the Republicans has the office next door.  Kaine said he's trying to develop a strong personal and professional relationship with members on both sides of the aisle.

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