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Students host "Love On Lynchburg" Day

February 23, 2013|WDBJ7 Web Staff

Some Lynchburg students are putting their words into action.

Saturday, members of Liberty University's Community Care Initiative hosted its first "Love On Lynchburg" day.

The outreach program helps residents in the Queen City by doing projects like this one.

Students helped clear and rebuild this space which will be used to keep kids focused on their future and learning new skills.

The recipients of this help, couldn't be happier.

"What we're doing over here is building the big center. It's going to be able to have the facility to be able to do plays, concerts, training, youth conferences. And with our partners from LU, this program is moving a lot faster with getting the walls built and just getting it complete," said recipient Ronald Banks.

The Community Care Initiative says it wants to host a "LOL day" each semester to give back to the community.

Students worked on 18-different project across the city today.

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