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Two Roanoke car dealership employees go above and beyond to save customer's life

After two Magic City Ford employees didn't hear from a regular customer Monday, they went to her house to check on her.

March 11, 2013|Susan Bahorich | WDBJ7 Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. — A Roanoke car dealership is taking customer service to the next level.

Magic City Ford is used to getting people on the road, but thanks to two concerned employees, a customer is alive.

Long-time employees say this woman has been coming into the dealership for years.

When she was in nearly a week-and-a-half ago they noticed she seemed off, so they were concerned.

Little did they know how this story would unfold.

Billie Jo O'Connor has worked at Magic City Ford for the last 20 years.

Most of the time she's helping customers get their cars fixed. That is - until the other week when a long-time client seemed to be struggling.

“She had come in for service. We had replaced the battery in her car. She had an issue with it starting. We drove her home because she didn't seem like she was in good health on Friday,” said O'Connor, who is a service advisor.


The woman, who is in her late 70s, called the dealership a day later and said she was still having car problems and would be back in Monday.

Monday came and went, and no one heard from her.

“Since she didn't call back on Monday, we just felt that maybe something was wrong, maybe we just need to touch base,” O'Connor said.

Doris Ross, who has worked at Magic City for 41 years, said: “We tried all day Tuesday, half of the morning on Wednesday and there was no answer. No answering machine, no nothing. So, we decided to go check on her.”

O'Connor and Ross went to the woman's South Roanoke home to see if there was anything wrong.

“Had several newspapers outside the door, she don't have an answering machine, we continued to call, knocked on the door, no answer,” O'Connor said.

That's when emergency responders were called in.

“Then they got in the house and found her laying on the floor between the chair and the table,” Ross said.

O'Connor said: “Probably within an hour she would've been dead.”

Ross added: “I’m glad we could help her, but I like to help people and no one know about it.”

WDBJ7 is protecting the woman's identity for her safety.

She suffered from frostbite and hypothermia from her days on the floor.

The woman is out of ICU and continues to recover in the hospital.

Two Roanoke car dealership employees go above and beyond to save customer's life
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