Mystery of booms heard Monday night in Botetourt County solved

The Botetourt County Sheriff says the booms were caused by military relics detonated by Virginia State Police.

March 12, 2013|Susan Bahorich | WDBJ7 Anchor/Reporter

TROUTVILLE, Va. — The mystery of loud "booms" in Botetourt County has been solved.

On Tuesday night, dozens of you contacted WDBJ7 by phone and our Facebook page wondering what was generating loud noises in the Troutville area.

We looked into your reports. Botetourt County Sheriff Ronnie Sprinkle says that Virginia State Police were assisting the military in detonating some unexploded ordnance, which is some type of military explosives or ammunition, at the range of Camp 25.

Camp 25 is a former prison along Stoney Battery Road in Troutville and in the area where many heard noises Monday night.


The noises had many people in Troutville talking and wondering what had happened.

It had county leaders scratching their heads for most of the day.

Deputies had traveled the area around Troutville Monday night, but didn't find anything.

Out of the dozens of calls dispatchers received, most people heard the noise, but no one ever saw a fire or explosion. Everyone in the area seemed to have power.

We talked to the state police Tuesday afternoon, and they told us the unexploded items were some military relics found in an attic and turned into Salem Police.

Authorities say they just wanted to get rid of them while they could.

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