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Robot speeds up pharmacy work at Danville Regional Medical Center

"Robby" the hospital pharmacy robot is 200 times faster than any human.

March 14, 2013|Justin Ward | WDBJ7 Reporter

DANVILLE, Va. — Robots are taking over the pharmacy and making jobs faster and easier in Danville.

It's called "Robby" the only employee at Danville Regional Medical Center that doesn't call in sick, and isn't allowed to.

The robot works tirelessly getting medicines for patients and is about 200 times faster than any human.

It's been in the hospital for a week now and already filled thousands of prescriptions.

"The industry standard predicts it would make one mistake per 150 million doses. So in our particular case, since we do about a million a year, that's 150 years. So it's nothing to worry about here," said Paul O'Brien, the director of pharmacy services at DRMC.

Robby does the work of four pharmacists.

Only five other hospitals in Virginia have a robot like this.

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