Appalachian Power rates to drop next month

March 29, 2013|WDBJ7 Web Staff

ROANOKE, Va. — If you're an Appalachian Power customer, your bill is going to be changing in April.

If you use a thousand kilowatt-hours a month, your rate right now is a little more than 11 dollars per unit.

Surcharges are expiring and an average rate will drop about 25 cents per kilowatt-hour.

You'll notice it in your April bill.

But today the utility announced it's asking for another rate increase and if approved, it would raise your rate higher than it is now; but that wouldn't happen until early next year.

We were curious to know how many times ApCo has asked for rate increases in the recent past.

There are three rate increases pending now; one from today.

One from last fall, ApCo says it should get to recoup costs associated with its renewable energy programs.

And it is planning to file a rate increase to pay for a new power station in Ohio.

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