UPDATE: Investigators release name of Liberty University student who died at Crabtree Falls

18-year-old freshman Faith Helbig died while hiking with a group of friends.

April 09, 2013|Web staff

NELSON COUNTY, Va. — Investigators have released the name of the Liberty University student who died while hiking Monday night in Nelson County.

Nelson County investigators say Faith Helbig died after falling around 100 feet at Crabtree Falls.

Police say Helbig was hiking with a group of students when she went off the trail and climbed a short fence.

She slipped on wet rocks as she tried to rejoin her friends.

Investigators found her body and worked for hours to bring her back to the roadway. This is not a criminal investigation, authorities say.

Helbig was 18 and from New Jersey. She was a freshman at Liberty University in Lynchburg.

At least 28 people have lost their lives at Crabtree Falls

There is a sign by the falls warning people to stay on the trail because of the number of people killed.  Crabtree Falls is touted as the highest waterfall in the U.S. east of the Mississippi River.


Liberty University Vice President Mark Hine said the university does encourage students to try outdoor activities.  But it also tries to convey the need for safety on such excursions.  Hine said this outing was not sponsored by the university.

Liberty sent a bus to pick up the other five students after the accident.  The university also provided counseling and other services.


Original story from 10:15 p.m. Monday

We're following a developing story out of Nelson County.

Liberity University is confirming to WDBJ7 that a Liberty University student died while hiking at Crabtree Falls earlier today.

The spokesman would only say the victim was an eighteen year old freshman.

She was with a group of six students.

Liberty says the girl slipped and fell but is waiting for more details from emergency workers.

We'll update you on this developing story as information comes into the WDBJ7 newsroom.   

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