Farming students learn valuable lesson during Southside FFA competition

Future Farmers of America students from 14 schools taught themselves how to fix a tractor and build an engine under a deadline.

April 10, 2013|Justin Ward | WDBJ7 Reporter

PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. — If a farmer's tractor is broken or an engine needs rebuilding, can you help repair it?

That's two of several timed tasks students were given Wednesday in Pittsylvania County for the Southside Future Farmers of America Career Development Rally at the Olde Dominion Agriculture Complex outside Chatham.

It was a competition to see who's the best, and fastest in this area.

Future Farmers of America students from 14 schools in Southern Virginia actually didn't get a grade on how well they did.

Wednesday morning students had 15 minutes to find, diagnose and fix a problem with four tractors.

It was usually a lose plug, faulty breaks or a dead engine.

Inside, another group of students had to build a motor after learning all its parts, and it had to work, which was an all morning challenge.


Learning how to work on and fix farm equipment saves money.

"We've got a farm in Appomattox that we do and we got a lot of tractors and all. It's good to know how to do general maintenance and fix things verses paying somebody every time to fix your own equipment," said Tyler Wallen, an 11th grade student from Appomattox County High School.

This was the first Southside Area Career Development rally.

Organizers started this because of the high number of farmers, and students who want to become farmers.

The students who placed among the top Wednesday will move to the state competition this summer.

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