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VT pushing a new hokie fragrance

Hokies scents make sense?

June 14, 2013|Orlando Salinas | WDBJ7 Reporter

Most of us like to smell good and Virginia Tech thinks it has just the thing to help you do that. A company out of New York City, Masik Collegiate Fragrances, says it's come up with the perfect scent if you're a Virginia Tech hokie.

This might be THEE story where the nose really knows. On a counter inside the Virginia Tech University Bookstore, a table was set up with dozens of bottles. All day Friday, students and strangers were sniffing out the best scent, and then voting for the one with the best smell.

Cara Krippy and her sister Marisa, were busy smelling different scents at the counter inside the VT bookstore. Krippy said a special university scent is a good idea, "Well I've never heard of this concept before, but I think it's great that the student body can come in here, walk in and vote on what's going to be another permanent part of the Virginia Tech brand."


Masik Collegiate Fragrance says it's held meetings with students and alumni. Their big question, what's the perfect scent of a real hokie?

Just about everything on the VT campus is orange and maroon. It's easy putting those signature colors on anything. But finding the right hokie scent, the right aroma, is a whole different animal.

David Wilson is the associate director at the Virginia Tech Bookstore. Wilson says the idea of just the right scent, coming along at just the right time, makes sense. "Well I think it's a great idea and somebody had a great idea I mean it's something. Virginia Tech is a big brand. There's lots of merchandise. This is something  that up till now hasn't been there."

Marisa Krippy walked over to the counter and inhaled the fragrance from several pre-dipped sticks. Krippy said she liked what she smelled, "I thought the softer scent was the best one. I don't like anything too strong and there were a couple here that I liked."

Wilson said the new hokie fragrance line should be out by the time school starts in late August. "Will [these scents] attract the opposite sex like bees to honey? Wilson rocked back a bit and laughed, "Ha I guess we'll find out.'

    For women, there are three perfumes
    For the men, one of three colognes might be your signature scent.

    No word on the price just yet. But the plan is to have these Virginia Tech perfumes and colognes for sale by the time students get here in late August. Live in Blacksburg Orlando Salinas wdbj7

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