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WDBJ7 Sports Staff | August 29, 2012
Chris Watts and the Liberty Minutemen struggled to a disappointing 1 win season last year.  This week, they looked to turn the page, opening their season with a roadie at Blacksburg. At Blacksburg a cheerleader nearly gets her head taken off by a flag being waved. Blacksburg found itself down 14 to at halftime. In the 3rd quarter, 3rd and 10 away from the 22, Bruins quarterback Kaleb Bohrnstedt broke a tackle and looked for someone to get open. It didn't happen and he was wrapped up and taken out of bounds with no gain by Liberty's Dustin Heiner.
Holly Pietrzak and Weekend Anchor/Reporter | May 18, 2012
Some Blacksburg intersections get a makeover. Five intersections along Main Street are being rebuilt. Each will have new traffic signals, pedestrian signals and crosswalks as well as paving. The old traffic signals dated back 30 years. "The traffic controllers didn't have the ability to connect with each other along Main Street.  With the upgrades, we're able to do pedestrian movements," said Brandon Steele, a town engineer. The project started in December.
Travis Wells and News 7 Sports Reporter | November 3, 2011
Christiansburg was without quarterback Brendan Motley tonight in Blacksburg but the Blue Demons had already nailed down a first round playoff bye, inching closer to the number one seed in Region IV, Division Four with a win tonight. Midway through the 2nd quarter, it was tied up at 10. Christiansburg starts to march down the field when Jordan Price hands it off to Ve'Quan Green-Gause. He runs it up the sidelines an hurdles over an defender for a gain of 23 yards. A couple of plays later, Christiansburg faces 4th and 15 on the Blacksburg 33 yard line when they decide to go for it. The gamble pays off as Jordan Price he heaves the ball into the air and Kam Johnson comes down with it in the end zone for a 33-yard touchdown.
WDBJ7 Sports Staff | October 12, 2012
Salem was trying to remain unbeaten tonight at home against an improved  Blacksburg team, which nearly knocked off Hidden Valley in last week's River Ridge District opener. The Spartans had beaten the Bruins in the last 9 meetings between the two. Salem looked to make it an even ten on homecoming in the City of Champions.  Salem had a 14-0 lead in the 2nd, when Blacksburg coughed up the rock and Bryce Booker was there to fall on it, giving the Spartans a short field. Matt Hill then looked to the end zone on the ensuing play, but made an uncharacteristic mistake, throwing the pick to Darrell Golson erasing the chance at points.
Travis Wells and Sports Director | September 2, 2011
The Liberty Minutemen made their season debut Friday night against Blacksburg.  We pick it up at the start of the third quarter, with Liberty on top 14-zip and picking up some more steam here. On the first play of the drive, quarterback Trevon Lightfoot stays true to his name.  On the keeper, he takes off from the 37, down the left sideline, with Breon Brawley as his wingman, all the way to the endzone, and the Minutemen were out front 20 to nothing. Blacksburg was on the move a few minutes later.
Web staff | June 20, 2013
A family in Blacksburg is angry and worried after they say someone tried to kidnap their daughter. Karly Smith is safe now. Wednesday night, the family says Karly was sitting on the sofa when a man came to the door and said he wanted her.  The family says police came, but didn't find anyone. Ten minutes after the officers left, neighbors say the mystery man came back.   Now the family says it wants parents to know what happened. "We're pretty much letting the neighborhood know everybody around here and that's on key trying to make it out to the public that this is going on so that we can get this guy and get him off the streets," said Daryl King.  The family says it's working to start a neighborhood watch program as soon as it can.
WDBJ7 Web Staff | June 19, 2013
The Blacksburg Police Department is investigating the death of a 24-year-old woman. The woman was found dead inside her home Monday. She was found dead after police were asked to do a welfare check. The investigation is ongoing, according to the Blacksburg Police Department.
David Seidel and Assignment Manager | June 14, 2013
A development company has withdrawn its plan for the Old Blacksburg Middle School site.  Town officials received the letter of withdrawal Friday. In the letter, James Cown of CowanPerry PC said he was withdrawing the development plan to clear the way for joint meetings with town council and Montgomery County supervisors.  Cowan said he would resubmit a revised plan for "Midtown Village" based on the outcome of those meetings. "We understand that there have been frustrations on both sides with the complex and sometimes challenging pieces of this puzzle and each side's respective efforts to move this process forward," Cowan wrote.  "We are committed to taking the time necessary to work through those questions and issues with you. "
June 13, 2013
Price's Fork Area - Intersection of Tucker & McCoy Roads.   9am-2pm (no early birds...won't be ready until 9am). Clothing: Toddler Girls, Women's, Men's--many in great condition (cheap). Household: New comforter sets, beach towels, small appliances. Toys. Exercise equipment.
Orlando Salinas and WDBJ7 Reporter | June 13, 2013
Early Friday, town leaders in Blacksburg grabbed those ceremonial golden shovels and broke ground- again- at the development known as First and Main. Leaders tossed dirt near the exact spot where the new Frank Theatre multi-plex, I-Max and high-tech bowling alley will be built. Town council says it's fully behind the effort. About a hundred folks showed up for the ground breaking, which was held right between two longtime vacant storefronts. We asked if those vacancies were a concern.
June 11, 2013
The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors is dropping the idea of changing the name of Blacksburg High School. Last month the board voted to at least discuss it to show the school reaches people in other places, not just Blacksburg. At last night's county board meeting, students and parents accused the board of playing politics. "I believe that changing the name was just as she said, it was politics. Let's be honest. And it's unfair to drag students into county politics.
David Kaplan and WDBJ7 Reporter | June 3, 2013
Sometimes, keeping up with the times costs money. For a century-old theater in one hometown, they got the money in a very modern way. The Lyric Theater faced the same challenge all smaller, older theaters across the country will; upgrading its projection equipment. Last Friday, the theater got good news; thanks to a little kick. Determined to not let the over one hundred year old theater be a casualty of the digital age, Susan Mattingly knew she needed to get creative. "It was essential that we make this upgrade," Mattingly said.
WDBJ Web Staff | June 1, 2013
Blacksburg High School student Audrey Polk is riding in style.  Today, she won a new car! It's part of the after prom program put on each year, to give high schoolers something constructive to do as the head in to the summer. Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition has been hosting the event for 25 years. More than 100 students from across the region, from Martinsville, Bath County, to Lynchburg take part. "Usually with after prom, it's given to students who go to their prom and stay to the very end," Director Kathy Sullivan says.  "Usually about 3 or 4 'clock in the morning.  The reason we do this is becasue we want shools to understand kids are safer off the road and drug free.
Orlando Salinas and WDBJ7 Reporter | May 29, 2013
Montgomery County leaders asked the question; could someone consider changing the name of the new high school being built in Blacksburg. Tonight there's a whole lot of chatter about the possible name change. It seemed simple enough, asking the Montgomery County school board to think about NOT naming the new high school being built in Blacksburg, the very obvious, "Blacksburg High School", maybe something more generic might be better. Montgomery County Board member Chris Tuck asked the question out loud, "At least talk with the school board not saying that we do it but at least discuss this matter with the school board to see if this is something they may be interested in that would embrace the entire diversity of the county area.
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