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Jean Jadhon and WDBJ-TV Anchor/Reporter | October 28, 2011
It's Halloween and that means candy, but not all candy is created equal. In tonight's Hometown Health, is some candy actually better for you than others? As you're browsing the candy aisles this Halloween you may notice that some candy packaging has words on the front that tout either "less fat" or "fruit and antioxidants. "  While candy certainly isn't health food, there is some candy that is better for you than other candy. Chocolate covered raisins under the brand name Raisinets are one of the better candies out there for you. "There are lesser of evils so to speak and Raisinets would fall along that scale of an improvement over say versus a Sweet tart or Three Musketeer's," said Ally Bowersock, Director of Health and Exercise Science Program at Jefferson College of Health Sciences.
Elizabeth Harrington and Reporter | October 27, 2011
Halloween is a fun holiday, where kids dress up in a costume and go trick-or-treating. It's known for haunted houses, ghosts and goblins. But a Giles County church is offering an alternative. The Cornerstone Pentecostal Holiness Church in Narrows has a production called "Heaven or Hell". 80 volunteers are helping with the drama which has eight scenes. The tour starts with the deaths of teenagers after a party and a married couple killed in a murder/ suicide. The story follows them to judgement day where their life choices determine whether they go to heaven or hell.
Tim Saunders and Reporter/Lynchburg Bureau Chief | October 27, 2011
Halloween is just days away, and many dentists want to make sure your kids don't eat too much candy. Dentist offices across the region are holding "candy buy back" programs. In Bedford, doctors Tony Bailey, Phil Walerko, and Rudolf Wolfe are taking part.  Their office will give your children one dollar for every pound of candy they bring in next Tuesday. The donated treats won't go to waste.  They'll be sent to military troops overseas. "Moms love it," said Wolfe.  "It keeps candy out of their kid's systems, and kids love it.  It's a chance to earn money and give to our troops.
Bob Grebe and Reporter | October 25, 2011
    Are you still looking for an affordable halloween costume?     Goodwill may be the place to find it.     Goodwill Industries of the Valleys wants to let everyone know its stores can be your Halloween headquarters.     The non-profit has a number of easy and affordable costume ideas for adults and children.  The timing is perfect.     October is National Disability Awareness Month.     Costume purchases support Goodwill in its mission to help the disabled.
Elizabeth Harrington and Reporter | October 17, 2011
This year some trick-or-treaters will have four legs. The latest Halloween trend is pet costumes. Pumpkins, bumblebees, unicorns and cow costumes are all making their way to the check-out lane at PetSmart in Roanoke. "We've definitely seen the increase especially on the weekends," says store manager Stephanie Campbell, "The whole family comes out, the kids get to participate and you know dress up the pets. " Princess the dachshund modeled some of the costumes including the most popular, a pumpkin.
Justin McLeod and Reporter | October 13, 2011
Halloween is just around the corner.  And the holiday looks a lot less scary for retailers this year.  It's estimated Americans will spend close to $7 billion on Halloween this year. According to the National Retail Federation, 43-percent plan to buy a costume this year.  About 15-percent will dress their pets.  Nearly half will decorate and more than 73-percent of you will buy candy. "I just think there is so much out there that you feel like if you don't someone else will and you won't.  So you have to keep up with the Jones', maybe," said Lori Fitchett.
Kimberly McBroom and REPORTER | September 29, 2011
The Halloween countdown has started, and parents may have already dug deep in their pocketbooks for that perfect costume for their child. If you haven't already, you might want to wait a week or so for the National Costume Swap.  It's a consignment sale for gently-used children's costumes. Since most kids only wear their costumes once or twice at the most, parents can swap them, and save a lot of cash.   National Costume Swap Day is Saturday, October 8. You can bring costumes to the LFA Consignment Sale at the CMT building on Brandon Avenue in Roanoke  October 3 through October 7,  between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. There, you will receive a ticket to exchange for a "like new" costume on October 8.  
News7 Web Staff | March 17, 2011
A family in Henry County is mourning after getting confirmation a body found a few weeks ago is their loved one. The last time someone saw Corey Thomas was on Halloween. His body was found in a wooded area in Bassett last month. But it wasn't until now his family had proof it was him since dental records showed this to be the case. Authorities say they still don't know how the 19-year-old died but they do say he was murdered. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On March 17, 2011, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office received confirmation as to the identity of the human remains that were discovered in a wooded area approximately 50 yards behind an abandoned residence located at 330 Woodland Road in Bassett, Virginia.    The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the Western District of Virginia determined, through the comparison of known dental records, that the human remains are that of Cory Sharon Thomas.  The official cause of death has not been determined at this time.  The death of Cory Sharon Thomas is being investigated as a homicide.
Hollani Davis and Anchor/Reporter | November 9, 2010
UPDATE Sheriff's investigators in Henry County have put out a new picture as their search for a missing teen enters its third week.    The picture is of a burgundy colored 2004 Chevrolet Blazer. The vehicle was left abandoned in the Oak Level area on Highway 220 in front of an old truck yard. Authorities say Cory Thomas, the missing teen was driving it right before he disappeared. News7 spoke with Thomas' mother last week.  She says her son vanished Halloween night and also that he's never left are disappeared for long period of times before.
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