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Radford University

Holly Pietrzak and Weekend Anchor/Reporter | September 16, 2011
    Radford University's business school is getting a new $44 million home.     Students put on hard hats to get a peak of their new facility.     It's still a construction zone, but the bones of this 110,000 square foot building gives everyone an idea of what's to come. "The design is all about having our students interact with the community and with executives and have continuing education that helps our students make that transition from college to their future careers," said Faye Gilbert, Dean of the College of Business and Economics.
April 27, 2013
It was a day of flag football for a good cause at Radford University. The Greek life chapter, Zeta Tau Alpha held a breast cancer awarenesss flag football fundraiser Saturday. The group's main cause to support is cancer awareness. Organizers say they wanted to show support year round and not just in October. Tiffany McCrory "Recently, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. So that holds special meaning to me. Today, I was really excited to see all these woman and men come out to support," said Tiffany McCrory.
Web Staff | December 10, 2011
On Wednesday, Radford students received an alert about an armed robbery near campus.      The next day, an officer was shot and killed at Virginia Tech and the shooter committed suicide. Ross Truett Ashley, a part-time student at Radford University, was responsible for both crimes. Students on Radford's campus say they were shocked. "It was really scary because stuff like that doesn't happen at Radford, it usually happens at the bigger schools," said Nikohl Miller.     Ross Ashley lived in an apartment about a block away from the Radford University campus.
April 11, 2012
Updated:7:30 pm Radford Police say the robbery happened inside a home on Calhoun Street. They say men entered the home and assaulted one of the people inside. That victim was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries to the face. One of the two suspects had a gun but no one was shot during the robbery The men reportedly stole a laptop computer before getting away on foot. Radford Police say one of the suspects was a black man in his late 20s, about 6'2"-6'4" in height, and weighing 170-180 pounds.
Travis Wells and Sports Director | May 16, 2011
     The rumor mill has been churning for weeks and now it appears that Brad Greenberg's days as the head basketball coach at Radford University are done after just four seasons.  Sources tell News 7 that all of the assistant coaches have been told that the Greenberg tenure is over and that the official announcement will come from the school either Wednesday or Thursday.      Greenberg was suspended the last four games of this past season for a violation of NCAA rules involving improper travel and benefits for an ineligible player.
Joe Dashiell and Reporter | September 19, 2010
Like other institutions, Radford University has faced major cuts in state funding over the last several years.      As the university's finance officials look to the future, they also see challenging times ahead. By July 1 of next year, Radford will have lost about a third of its support from the state's general fund. The university has stretched its federal stimulus dollars to minimize the impact of state cuts, but Radford Vice President Richard Alvarez says the next couple of budgets won't be easy.
Web Staff | October 21, 2010
Students tackled a crime scene Thursday at Radford University. The mock murder scene was part of a criminal justice class.      The professor, Dr. Tod Burke, set up the crime scene and students must investigate.  That includes roping off the area, searching for evidence and trying not to contaminate the scene.      Students say it's a lot harder than they thought. "What I've learned personally is it's not easy... Shows like... C.S.I. make it seem like it's so simple.
Orlando Salinas and WDBJ7 Reporter | March 13, 2013
A professor at Radford University who teaches courses on criminal justice finds himself in trouble with the law. The back story is that on December 22, three nights before Christmas, Radford Police received a call that a side door at someone's home on Third Street in Radford was wide open.   Radford University Associate Professor Taj Mahon-Haft lives in that home. Police say on December 22nd a police officer, responding to the "open door" call, thought there might be a burglary going on. The warrant reads the cop walked upstairs.
Elizabeth Harrington and Reporter | October 21, 2010
Students at Radford University held a candlelight vigil Thursday night to remember a classmate.  Last week, 20-year-old Samuel Mason was found dead in an apartment. About 400 students gathered on Heth Lawn for the event.  In honor of Mason, many students had tie-dye on. Mason often wore those shirts. He was also a fan of the Grateful Dead. Mason was a sophomore who recently transferred to Radford University. Mason wanted to become a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. The fraternity helped organize the vigil.
Orlando Salinas and WDBJ7 Reporter | February 15, 2013
17 thousand miles. That's how close an asteroid came to earth earlier Friday. Physicists say "DA-14", mathematically speaking anyway, was nothing to sweat about. Nothing like the exploding fireball that smashed into Russia earlier Friday morning.     Friday afternoon, the asteroid known as 2012 DA-14, which is 150 feet wide and half the size of a football field, passed awfully close to earth. If you want to know what the odds are of something actually happening, you're talking numbers and equations, Radford University Physicist Rhett Herman is your man. "It happens everyday, said Herman, "in fact you go out in the nighttime sky when it's dark you look up, at least once every ten minutes as long as you don't blink you will see one of these things going through the atmosphere.
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