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June 4, 2010
Hundreds of customers in Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and Botetourt county were knocked off the grid when powerful storms packing strong winds, lots of rain, and even some hail come through Friday evening. Power's been restored to most already. The Brambleton Avenue area was hit especially hard.  Trees and limbs were thrown to the ground, and transformers were knocked from utility poles. Two popular businesses are now trying to figure out how to still do business-- during what's usually a busy time of the week.
September 8, 2011
They fled starvation and violence from the war torn and drought-ridden country of Somalia. They have planted their roots here in the Roanoke Valley, literally and figuratively.  Six days they walked from Somalia to Kenya, escaping the violence and hunger. “We have kids on back of our back. We just walking. Kids suffering. Some kids die on the street,” said Hagiro Wehel, a farmer at Juba Farms. After waiting 12 years in Kenya, this group is now calling America and the Roanoke Valley home.
April 29, 2010
The Power Team is known for incredible demonstrations of strength and sharing a powerful message. Tonight through Sunday, the Power Team will be performing at Community Advent Christian Church located at 4512 Old Mountain Road, Roanoke, VA 24019. The Power Team is a group of world class athletes who have performed the world's greatest exhibitions of power, strength, speed, inspiration, and motivation. The group has visited every state and over 40 countries in the 30 year history of the Power Team.
May 19, 2010
There will be plenty of slip sliding away in the Roanoke Valley this summer. Roanoke County's new multi-million dollar outdoor water park is set to open in a matter of days. It's adjacent to the new Green Ridge Recreation Center which is located behind the Valleypointe Business Park. It's called Splash Valley. After years of planning and debate Roanoke County's new outdoor water park is ready to flow. "Still I'm kinda in awe when I look at it but I think the most fun is when I see those kids come through the gate," said Roanoke County Parks & Recreation Director Pete Haislip.
May 19, 2011
Police and sheriff's deputies looked for a bit of refuge and comfort from each other Thursday afternoon.  Their job is a tough one and perhaps no one understands the difficulties better than them. During a ceremony for National Police Week law enforcement officers from all across the Roanoke Valley took time to reconnect and remember their peers who've died in the line of duty. The memorial was at First Christian Church in downtown Roanoke.  The guest speaker was Roanoke Commonwealth's Attorney Don Caldwell.
May 10, 2010
There are two confirmed cases of rabies in the Roanoke Valley, both are from last week. The first on Rutrough Road where a rabid red fox was captured. Then a rabid raccoon was caught on Catawba Valley Drive. Now Roanoke Valley health officials want pet owners to make sure their animals' rabies vaccinations are up to date. A community-wide rabies vaccination clinic will be held Saturday, May 15th at the Salem Civic Center. It runs from nine in the morning till Noon.
March 15, 2010
Kroger gas stations are popping up everywhere. When the one on Brambleton Avenue opens in a couple of months, it will be the eighth Kroger Fuel Center in the Roanoke Valley. In January, number seven opened in West Salem.  They're looking for at least two more suitable locations in the Valley. The Cave Spring location is on leased property. Kroger has invested more than $100,000 on land owned by a man in the Charlottesville area. They're filling in the site to raise the terrain to make it directly accessible from Brambleton Avenue.
Hollani Davis and Anchor/Reporter | September 29, 2011
A recall for ground beef sold at Kroger does not apply to any stores in Virginia. It's believed contaminated Tyson's brand ground beef was shipped to several distribution centers in the Midwest as well as North Carolina and Maryland. News7 contacted the head of Kroger locally.  We've been told the store will continue to monitor this latest outbreak and work with the Food and Drug Administration. Tyson Fresh Meats Inc., an Emporia, Kansas establishment, is recalling approximately 131,300 pounds of ground beef products that may be tainted
Keith Humphry Anchor/Reporter | March 4, 2011
It may seem the two medical giants in the Roanoke Valley have bought out every independent medical practice in town. But we've done some checking. There are plenty of small medical practices left. After 14 years at Lewis Gale, Cardiologist Rick Prokopchak struck out on his own, bringing most of his 3,000 loyal patients with him. Janet Wendz is not one of them.  She's actually a new patient. Alice Alger drives 90 miles from her home in Carroll County to the Allergy and Immunology practice in Old Southwest Roanoke.
WDBJ7 Web Staff | June 21, 2013
The United Way of Roanoke Valley's "Day of Action" is Friday. Around two hundred people have signed up to volunteer in a numer of service projects. For example, volunteers will clean up Roanoke's greenways and sort and serve food at a local food pantry among many other things.    
Nadine Maeser and WDBJ7 Multimedia Journalist | June 19, 2013
City leaders, local businesses and community members are joining forces to lower the poverty rate in Roanoke. The latest report shows about 20 percent of people in Roanoke live below the poverty level. A family of four meets the federal poverty level if their annual income is $23,050. The Office of Justice and Peace teamed up with The Advancement Foundation to host the second Poverty Summit on Wednesday. The first Poverty Summit was in 2010 and since then organizers have identified areas that contribute to the growing numbers.
Nadia Singh and Anchor/Reporter | June 14, 2013
Plenty of work had to go into getting this Maiden Lane home back to normal.  Thursday's storm broke the roof in half. Just a few minutes away in Roanke County, it was the same story. The Richards family in the Pine Tree area also found that a tree had crashed into their home. This is what their home looked like just after the storm, and this is what it looked like just a day later, after a lot of clean-up and hard work. But while many were dealing with the aftermath, some were spared but still a little nervous.
Joe Dashiell and Reporter | June 14, 2013
Two weeks of preparations disappeared in a just few minutes Thursday afternoon, when storms knocked down 11 tents at the Salem Civic Center.  Organizers had to start over, but Friday afternoon it appeared they were regrouping in record time. 24 hours after the storm, the tents were back up. Horse show employees, contractors and volunteers were rebuilding the stables beneath the canvas. Chelsea Hartberger is the Executive Director of the Roanoke Valley Horse Show. "We're pushing forward.
Hollani Davis and WDBJ7 Anchor/Reporter | June 13, 2013
It almost seems unthinkable.  Working for 38 cents an hour.  Al Holland doesn't have to imagine it.  He lived it. "My dad said it's not what you make it's what you do with what you make," says Holland. Now at the age of 96, Holland is one of several railroad workers from the Roanoke Valley featured in a new book called "From Cotton to Silk. "  "What they did is they had a hard row to hoe as it were and did the hard work as it where and made silk out of it. The silk?
Nadine Maeser and WDBJ7 Multimedia Journalist | June 12, 2013
The Roanoke Valley SPCA is extending its hours in hopes of getting more animals adopted. Beginning July 1, 2013, the RVSPCA will be open for pet adoptions Wednesday through Sunday from Noon- 6 p.m. The RVSPCA wanted to make it more convenient for people to come in after work to look at the animals they have up for adoption. "We generally have a full house during the spring, summer and fall months with pets that are coming into the pound and we want to bring in as many as we can and have them fully vetted so we want to get more animals out and in order to do that we have to be available when people are available," said Kathy Perdue.
Joe Dashiell and Reporter | June 12, 2013
Some pilots enjoy the thrill of flying without ever leaving the ground.  This weekend in Salem, they will share their enthusiasm for radio control aircraft with the public.   The Roanoke Valley Radio Control Club will hold its annual Wings over Salem event. The group is hosting full scale aircraft, and many more scale models from up and down the East Coast. Member Josh May says the hobby has a powerful appeal. "All the way back from the Wright Brothers to the present time, it's great to be able to create something yourself with your hands, be able to put in the air, and have it land.
Melissa Gaona and WDBJ7 Multimedia Journalist | June 3, 2013
Lancerlot Sports Complex in Vinton will offer Women's Self-Defense on Wednesday, June 12th. The class is a two hour class, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The class will teach rape defense, how to protect yourself from a standing attack, grip defense, and how to not be a victim. Lead Instructor Kenny Garner, also a third degree black belt, says the class is open to everyone but mainly focuses on women and the elderly. Any skill level is welcome and no experience is needed.
Susan Bahorich and reporter | June 2, 2013
Some weekend warriors were up bright and early pushing themselves towards the finish line.      It was for the Salem YMCA Sprint Triathlon 2013. This is the 3rd year for the event. More than 200-people came out to swim, bike and run.   Unlike a tradition triathlon, athletes only do about a quarter of what tri-athletes customarily do. Organizers say this event is for everyone. "Doing a triathlon like this is really for people of all ages and we do have a runner as young as 7 and we have some people who are doing the complete tri as young as 11. We have someone who's 75 doing it.. so really it's about maintaining that healthy lifestyle," explains Kim Bratic, Communications Director for YMCA of the Roanoke Valley.
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