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Justin Ward and WDBJ7 Reporter | September 2, 2012
The same day classes started at Averett University last week, the nursing department received it's first major challenge. Another program, introduced by Governor McDonnell, claims to be more convenient, cheaper, and fast paced. "This has historically been such an area of strength for us; the biomedical area, the health sciences, and so this is the beginning of more to come," said university President Dr. Tiffany Franks. Franks and her colleague Dr. Mary Condon, the director of the nursing program, are staying as positive as they can, knowing competition is knocking on the front door of public and private institutions.
Justin Ward and WDBJ7 Reporter | August 28, 2012
A Southern Virginia employment organization is getting some extra help to deal with the high unemployment rate in Martinsville and Henry County. The West Piedmont Workforce Investment Board was just awarded an extra $171,000. This is on top of nearly three million dollars from state and federal agencies the group will receive this year. Leaders say the additional funds will pay for the unemployed to go back to school, have internships and career counseling.    "I think this will help, because the training is fast track so within ten weeks you can have a different career and a different job," Carla Woody, a unemployed Martinsville resident.
Hollani Davis and Anchor/Reporter | August 20, 2012
Thousands tune in each week to watch his signature sass.  The fact is, for someone who has a larger than life personality, at heart, he is a small town boy. "I'm just MaCray, crazy MaCray," says MaCray Huff. Macray as he's known, is one of the stars on the reality tv show "Chicagolicious".  Though it is in Martinsville, where he learned his craft, attending cosmetology school. Raised in Patrick County, he left Southern Virginia in pursuit of bigger dreams. "I've done Jill Scotts hair before and I wanted to do celebrity clients and be in magazines," says Huff.
WDBJ7 Web Staff | August 15, 2012
Sixty new jobs are headed to Henry County, according to Governor Bob McDonnell's office. Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc. will invest $5.45 million to expand its Henry County operation. The expansion will create 60 new jobs. Commonwealth Laminating & Coating makes solar-control window films and precision high-performance coatings. The expanded site in Henry County will have more warehouse and office space, have a distributing center, and be built with future expansions in mind.
Justin Ward and WDBJ7 Reporter | July 25, 2012
A huge economic boost is on its way Southern Virginia, and with it the possibility of hundreds of jobs. We're talking about ten million dollars over the next four years. The Danville Regional Foundation will give the Southside Business Technology Center that amount. The hope is that the money will entice entrepreneurs to start small businesses in the Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina area. Leaders are targeting high tech firms and business people looking to employ 10 to 50 people and pay an average salary of 50 thousand dollars.
Justin Ward and WDBJ7 Reporter | May 29, 2012
Companies in many of our hometowns are continuing to help Haiti rebuild more than two years after an earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people and left thousands more homeless.     This week the first energy-efficient disaster relief home arrived in Haiti. It's technology that energy smart companies in Southern Virginia and the University of Virginia's Initiative reCOVER are now using in disaster relief houses. "We sent it to one of the worst areas we could for testing, and that's Haiti.
Justin Ward and WDBJ7 Reporter | May 11, 2012
Church doesn't come to mind when you think of a prison. But for prisoners in Danville their worst life experience is quickly turning around. "I'm here as a pastor inside the correctional facility. And as such we're here to certainly minister to inmates and minister to staff," said Chaplain David Abernathy. Several times each week, Abernathy visits jails throughout Southern Virginia. He gives men like Bernard Smith, a repeat offender, a reason to get out. "There's something better in my life other than this.
Justin Ward and WDBJ7 Reporter | April 4, 2012
The American Automobile Association released a study suggesting the most cautious drivers on the road are senior citizens. Their research found drivers 65 or older usually "self-police" their driving more than younger drivers and avoid situations that could end up in a crash. "In the rain I'm very cautious and in the ice I try not to drive at all. Snow, I can manipulate it," said driver Zeke Zanatos. More than half of drivers questioned said they didn't drive in bad weather, at night or in heavy traffic.
Justin Ward and Reporter | February 7, 2012
The wait is finally over. Girl Scout cookies have arrived in Southern Virginia. This morning in Danville troops picked up nearly 1,500 cases of cookies for delivery. That's less than what the region sold in years past, but they're expected to sell out fast this year. Troop leaders say people were asking to buy before they arrived. "They've been asking us that since September. When the kids go back to school it seems like people get interested in cookies again. And you have to tell them it won't be until February," said Danville's Girl Scout Cookie Sales Director, Melinda Dalton.
Justin Ward and Reporter | December 21, 2011
Gift giving is a form of forgiveness in one hometown. More than 20 women who have been to prison received gifts for their kids, grand kids and themselves. Cross Roads Reconciliation Services in Danville along with help from the community made Christmas a reality for ex-offenders who are struggling to find a job. Leaders say it's hard for the women in the program to find a source of income in their communities. "Most of the women on probation and parole do not have access to any type of community funds.
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