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May 17, 2011
Welcome to another edition of the Mind Nugget Monday, which comes to you on a Tuesday. This due to all the catching up that has to be done when you go on vacation and debating what to write this week's blog post on. I decided that even though I do this every year, I would write about Roy Stanley again. I played a lot of golf this past week and I do mean A LOT, like 81 holes in a 5 day span, but the last 18 had a little more significance because it was part of the Roy Stanley Memorial Golf Tournament.
Justin McLeod and Reporter | March 30, 2012
What should you do if you have the golden ticket?  In case you missed, the Mega Millions jackpot now stands at $640 MILLION dollars. The drawing is Friday night.  You can buy tickets until 10:45 P.M. Virginia Lottery Officials says you need to take a deep breath and get your affairs in order. You should hire a financial advisor, an attorney, or tax advisor. The lottery can provide you with a list of people who can help you. But there's something you should do immediately if you win Mega Millions, even before you pick up the phone.
June 22, 2010
August 8, 2011     Welcome to another edition of the Mind Nugget Monday, anybody have any big news since the last time I wrote?  Just kidding!  As most of the loyal readers of the MNM know by now, I am leaving WDBJ for a job with Prince George's County Maryland School System.  So this will be the final Mind Nugget here, who knows it might make a comeback somewhere else!  My last day at Channel 7 is tomorrow, so who knows how long this will be up, you might want to get a screen shot of it when you can.     First and foremost I need to thank you who have read this blog and those who have watched me or whoever it is on the TV here at WDBJ.  Without you folks, none of what we do here wouldn't even matter.  I thank you for letting me come into your living rooms or bedrooms wherever you care to watch the TV.  I have tried over my 6 plus years of doing sports here to tell stories like I were a viewer and a fan of sports, because that is what I was before I came to work here and what I will be after I leave here.  I am a sports fan, I always will be that is why I got into local TV in the first place.  I wanted to and found a way to get paid to talk about sports and go to sporting events.  Hambone, who is my longest friend, once told me that I was the only person he knew, who was doing what he said he wanted to do in High School.  That is one of the biggest compliments I have gotten in my life.  I have had the chance to live out a dream here...
Melissa Gaona and Multimedia Journalist | May 7, 2012
Don't let the fishnet pantyhose and the color pink fool you.     Jennifer Smith is the Captain of the NRV Roller Girls and she describes the team as women who are rough, tough while doing it all on eight wheels. "This is something where you can beat up on people and get away with it. Plus, we get to wear fishnets, short shorts and have a lot of fun," said Smith.     During the day, these women are nurses, teachers, lawyers, even librarians.     But at night, they take on an alias and turn into speed freaks who crave competition.
Jean Jadhon and WDBJ-TV Anchor/Reporter | July 23, 2012
An update to a story we first reported at WDBJ four years ago. It's the story of a young Roanoke woman who is the first in her family not only to go to college, but to go to Harvard University. It was 2008 when we first met Salena Sullivan, the bubbly senior at William Fleming High School.  Sullivan was raised in a single parent household by mom Tanya who told us her daughter loved to read ever since she was a little girl. "Oh I'm so very proud of Salena it's not just about Harvard but everything she's done in school," Tanya Sullivan said.
January 2, 2013
WDBJ7's First Alert Weather App is designed for people on-the-go. Whether you're a mom that wants the forecast fast, or working on an outdoor project and need to know where the rain is. You'll get that and more for FREE! The weather has never been better, more accurate, and more convenient. The FREE app is available for most all Android operating phones/tablets as well as the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and dedicated App designed for the iPad. FEATURES: 10-Day Forecast Hour-by-hour Forecast Current Conditions Severe Weather Alerts Interactive Radar Map (Storm tracks, Alerts and More!
September 17, 2010
WDBJ Internship Information   WDBJ Television offers internships to college students interested in broadcast television.    The station strives to give the student in-depth practical work experience in areas of interest, as well as an overview of the station in general.   We have a limited number of internships available each semester to students enrolled in an accredited college or university.    REQUIREMENTS To qualify, students must attend an accredited college or university and must provide a letter verifying the student is actively enrolled and will receive academic credit for the internship.
May 26, 2010
History of WDBJ7 WDBJ Television began in the Mountain Trust Bank Building in downtown Roanoke when the station first signed on the air in 1955. The antenna was located at a temporary spot on Mill Mountain. In 1956, WDBJ-TV moved to the Times-World Building and a transmitter building and tower were erected on Poor Mountain allowing the station to reach a much larger audience throughout central and southwest Virginia. The television station grew during the late 1950's and soon plans were drawn for new studio facilities at the corner of Brandon and Colonial Avenues.
November 2, 2012
EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS AND RESUMES WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY WHEN THERE ARE POSITIONS AVAILABLE . WDBJ Television, Inc., an Equal Opportunity Employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies. We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants to our station.    Organizations that wish to receive our vacancy information should contact Human Resources at WDBJ Television, Inc. by calling 540-344-7000.   ________________________________________________________________________ SALES ASSISTANT (part-time)
April 13, 2012
WDBJ 7 is the most watched television station in Southwest and Central Virginia . We offer custom advertising solutions for all different sizes of businesses with results that WORK. Contact us at (540) 344-7000 to see how the power of WDBJ can work for you! WDBJ serves 26 counties in Southwest and Central Virginia. We are the CBS affiliate for areas including the Roanoke Valley, the Lynchburg Area, the New River Valley, the Smith Mountain Lake area, Southside including Martinsville and Danville and the Alleghany Highlands.
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